Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Composer and Artist Study week 5

This week we continue with our same composer (Haydn) and artist (Stuart) as last week.

Week 5 Composer Study: Haydn
1. Continue listening to The Creation by Haydn by listening to Part 2 (of 3) this week. Next week Part 3 will conclude listening to The Creation by Haydn.

Week 5 Artist Study: Gilbert Stuart
1. View painting of Joseph Brant, 1786 by Gilbert Stuart.

How does this picture compare/contrast to images of Joseph Brant by these other artists?

George Romney's painting (1776)

 Ezra Ames painting (1806)

If you want to study more about who Joseph Brant, aka Thayendanegea, was you can read about more information on Joseph Brant at Wikipedia.

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